with Rick Hafele


Understanding Western Hatches:  This is a 3-hour slide/lecture program that explains the “why” of fishing success.  Topics covered include: How to recognize the key western hatches of mayflies, stoneflies, caddisflies, and more.  How insect behavior affects fish feeding behavior.  How to select and fish the proper patterns.  Excellent color photos illustrate all stages of the insects, their habitat, fly patterns, and tactics.

Western Hatches Streamside Workshop:  This full day (6-hour) workshop gives anglers first-hand experience in collecting, identifying and learning to imitate the important stream hatches.  Class begins with a 3-hour photo/lecture program.  Then students are taken streamside for hands-on collecting and observing the insects in their natural environment.  This is followed by discussion of fly pattern selection and demonstration of proper presentation techniques for nymphs, wets, and dries.  The streamside portion of the class is limited to 12-14 students.

  Other programs/workshops/schools with Rick Hafele:

  1. BulletMastering Western Rivers and Lakes - A one or two day workshop with Skip Morris (brochure available on request)

  2. BulletFly Fishing Western Rivers/Lakes - A one and a half day workshop on the Deschutes River or private lakes.  For info contact The Deschutes Canyon Fly Shop in Maupin, Oregon at:  or 541-395-2565

Anatomy of a Trout Stream (50-60 min): This slide show discusses where fish live in streams, why trout use different water types, and the angling tactics best suited for fishing each water type.

Slide Shows:

De-Bugging Entomology (50-60 min): Entomology doesn’t have to be confusing or a big mystery.  In this slide show you will learn what kind of entomology information is useful to a fly fisher and how to apply it successfully to your fishing.

Caddis: What - Where - How (50-60 min):  Caddisflies are one of the most important and often confusing groups of aquatic insects.  This slide show gives you a close look at the major types of caddisflies with an emphasis on their behavior, pattern selection, and tactics.

The Four Seasons of Fly Fishing (50-60 min):  This slide show provides an entertaining travel log of fishing locations and experiences through the four seasons of the year.  Heavy on scenery and stories and light on technical information, it works well for banquets or whenever a light hearted program is desired.

Fly Fishing Lakes (50-60 min):  Lakes fish to the beat of a different drum and this show will help you understand their rhythms.  It covers the hatches, fly patterns, and tactics needed for success on lakes.

Five Mistakes You Don’t Need to Make (40-45 min):  Ever wonder why ten percent of the anglers catch ninety percent of the fish?  It’s often because they don’t make these mistakes.  Find out what common mistakes to avoid and how to cure them.

Nymph Fishing Rivers and Streams (50-60 min):  This slide show explains what goes on below the surface of a streams and how to catch trout with nymphs.  It covers equipment, insect behavior, patterns, and tactics.  Everything you should know, even if you don’t want to know it!

Understanding Emergers (50-60 min):  Emerging insects provide some of the most exciting and productive fly-fishing opportunities.  But you have to have the right fly and present it the right way.  This program explains the in’s and out’s of choosing the right fly for the right emerger and how to fish them.

The following programs are available for club meetings, banquets, conclaves, conferences, etc.  All programs listed can be booked by contacting Rick at:

Understanding Mayflies (50-60 min):  Without a doubt mayflies provide fly fishers with some of the best, and sometimes most frustrating, hatches of the year.  This program takes an in depth look at mayflies: how to recognize major mayfly hatches, their behavior, and how to select effect patterns and tactics.

Seasonal Hatches and Patterns (50-60 min):  This program describes the seasonal changes that occur on a stream and how insect hatches, trout, and fishing tactics are affected.

Fly Fishing Chile (50-60 min):  Chile offers spectacular scenery and fantastic fishing.  This program provides a close-up view of both, explains what you can expect to find when you get there, and some key areas to go.  This program is not technical and great for banquets.

Hatches & Tactics for Streams & Stillwaters:  This full day (6-hour) slide/lecture workshop covers all the key hatches, patterns, and tactics for both streams and lakes.  While comprehensive in scope the material is delivered in a clear, simple manner that helps anglers of all skill levels gain new insights into fishing streams and stillwaters.

Western Hatch Identification:  This program is for the fly fisher who wants to get into the nitty gritty of identifying aquatic insects.  It covers the larvae and adults of the major orders.  Warning: this is not for the fly fisher who could care less about the difference between a March brown and a little yellow may.

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Patterns & Tactics for Western Streams:  This 3-hour slide/lecture workshop covers the key hatches, patterns, and tactics for fishing streams and rivers. When  and how to fish nymphs, emergers, and dries are described, as well as pattern selection and design.  This workshop will help anglers of all skill levels gain new insights into fishing streams and rivers.