Mid-March to mid-April can be March Brown time on many Western streams including the Deschutes River in Central Oregon, shown here.

Above: Phil Rowely nymphs the current seams and slightly deeper water below the riffle.

Below: The wind can quickly turn a two-nymph rig into a two-nymph mess.

Phil with a chunky Deschutes rainbow.

Quiet water near shore is a great place to look for BWO duns on the surface and trout feeding on them.

We were expecting March browns, but found this mayfly instead.

The duns we collected couldn’t be identified to species and the evidence from one male spinner remained inconclusive.  This means another fishing trip is in order to hopefully find more and confirm if it’s Rhithrogena undulata or R. futilis.

Dorsal (above) and ventral (below) views of Caudatella heterocaudata.

Caudatella hystrix dun. I’ve yet to collect the dun stage of Caudatella heterocaudata.