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The following is a list of books and DVDs I have available for purchase.  Books will be signed by me and if desired they can inscribed with a personal note.  Books will also come with a fly personally tied by me.  There are no shipping charges for any purchase.  Unfortunately at this time I am not set up to take credit cards on line so if you’d like to make a purchase please email me at: with what you’d like to buy.  I will reply and confirm order and payment instructions.

Tactics for Trout by Rick Hafele, Dave Hughes, & Skip Morris (Stackpole books 2014)

In this unique book, three well-known fly fishers come together to share the technical knowledge they’ve learned from years of fishing for the ever-elusive trout. Wet flies, dry flies, emergers and streamers are all covered as each author shares their experiences, tips, and best tactics to improve your success. 

Price softbound:  $24.95

Western Mayfly Hatches by Rick Hafele and Dave Hughes (Amato Publications 2001)

The most complete discussion of western mayfly hatches available. Beautifully illustrated with over 300 photos and illustrations this book will allow you to identify all stages of the major mayfly hatches, pick effective patterns, and understand what tactics to use.

Price: softbound - $39.95  hardbound - $59.95

The Complete Book of Western Hatches by Rick Hafele and Dave Hughes

(Amato Publications 1981)

This is the original book by myself and Dave Hughes and though it is now almost 30 years old it still provides a thorough discussion of important hatches for all the orders of aquatic insects imitated by fly fishers.  A classic that still works!

Price: softbound - $24.95

Nymph Fishing Basics with Rick Hafele & John Smeraglio

(Laughing River Productions 2006)

A great introduction to nymph fishing by two well known and respected fly fishers.  The productions by Rick and John are full of great information and their humor makes it entertaining to boot!

72 min.     Price: $24.95   

Note: This DVD is included with Rick Hafele’s book Nymph Fishing Rivers & Streams, so no need to buy this DVD if you buy the book.

Advanced Nymph Fishing with Rick Hafele & John Smeraglio

(Laughing River Productions 2008)

This DVD will take you to the next level of nymph fishing knowledge, and once again Rick and John do it with clarity and humor.

2 DVDs 150 min.      Price: $29.95

Fly Fishing Large Western Rivers: Winter, Spring, Summer, & Fall with Rick Hafele & John Smeraglio       (Laughing River Productions 2000)

This is a four volume set of DVDs with in-depth instruction about how to understand and fish large rivers common throughout the west.  Each DVD covers a specific season of the year.

4 DVDs over 240 min.     Price: $39.95

Anatomy of a Trout Stream with Rick Hafele (Scientific Anglers 1983)

Now available on DVD, this classic video with Rick Hafele was produced by Scientific Anglers as part of their Mastery Series.  While filmed almost 30 years ago the information rings just as true today.  If you want to understand streams and how to fish them this DVD still does the job.

60 min.  Price: $19.95


Instructional DVDs

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Nymph Fishing Rivers & Streams by Rick Hafele (Stackpole books 2006)

This hardbound book covers all aspects of fishing with nymphs including fish and insect behavior, tackle, tactics, and a comprehensive discussion of major types of nymphs, the patterns that imitate them, and best method to fish them.  The book also includes the 70 minute DVD Nymph Fishing Basics

Price softbound:  $39.95

Seasons for Trout by Rick Hafele, Dave Hughes, & Skip Morris (Stackpole books 2014)

This expert fly-fishing trio offers detailed practical advice and years of collective wisdom for success in catching trout all year long no matter the season. Get the insight of these three experts on winter nymphing, the evening rise, fishing low waters, fly selection, insect identification tips and more!

Price softbound:  $24.95

Advanced Tactics for Emergers & Dries with Rick Hafele & John Smeraglio

(Laughing River Productions 2011)

There’s nothing better in fly fishing than fishing for rising trout.  Unless you can’t catch them!  In this 2-DVD set Rick and John will solve the mysteries of how to catch the fussiest trout and have a great time doing it.

2 DVDs 107 min.     Price: $29.95